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Pregnant Kitsuke – Taishō Meisen Komon

Today was quite a challenge dressing in this kimono!

I fell in love with this meisen kimono at first sight, and while technically, it is way to short for me to wear – I really wanted to add it to my collection.

Had I not been 15 weeks pregnant, I probably would have had a considerably easier time dressing and actually achieving a small ohashori under the obi. But due to my growing belly and *ahem* bust, I couldn’t even get a small ohashori!

With a lot of padding under the bust area, some creative tying, and the use of a safety pin – I think I managed to dress respectable enough. Unfortunately – I couldn’t have my collar as low at the nape of the neck as I normally do – but, that’s the sacrifice one must make with such a short kimono.

I know I’m normally all down with coloured, embroidered haneri and fancy obiage/obijime, but for this ensemble, I strongly felt that all white accessories (well, the obijime was mostly white) would be the most appropriate. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and I received many compliments in Japantown today!

You can kind of see my baby bump here. I do have to say, it’s a lot more noticeable in yofuku than wafuku though!

Back view:

Close up of Obi:

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