Meeting Liza!

I had the opportunity to attend a lecture about geisha on the 17th of November held at the Morikami museum by Liza Dalby. I completely enjoyed the lecture, although I do have to admit I didn’t learn anything new (the lecture concentrated a lot on geisha basics, if you have read her book you would already know most of the information she spoke about). Liza also showed a video of Ishihara-sensei doing traditional hairstyle (I wish I could do it as smoothly and as fast as him!) and a slideshow with various images relevant to her lecture, including a few photos of her as geisha that I had never seen before.

Afterwards I had fun meeting up with Ashly and being all fan girly, giggly and nervous waiting in line for my book to be signed! When I finally met Liza, she remembered who I was (we have communicated via email before in relation to my website) and signed my book “”Long Live ImmortalGeisha””! She also mentioned she had met a few fans of my website at previous lectures….for some reason, people introduce themselves to her, stating they are from Immortal Geisha.

Liza is a very lovely lady in person, and it was thrilling to finally be able to meet her! Especially considering Liza is one of the biggest inspirations behind my website!

After the book signing, I was fortunate enough to have my photograph taken with her (along with Ashly, her friend, and my friend). I think one of the photographs will appear in the Morikami newsletter. We all posed with our hands covering our mouths, like proper geisha would do. Liza obviously is highly skilled in this pose…I, on the other hand, somehow look 1950’s poser. Gotta practice looking coy properly and tuck my thumb away! Perhaps my nihon buyou lessons will help with that?

My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to dress in kimono for the event – as I had to go to the Morikami straight from work. Ah well…always another time!

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