Taishō Era Tansu a.k.a. My Birthday Present to Myself!

Ever since I started taking kitsuke seriously, I’ve had a secret desire to own a proper kimono tansu. My dream has finally (almost) come true!

After discussing with Arian about whether:

a) Can we fit a tansu in our studio apartment; and

b) Can I actually afford an antique tansu?

We came to the conclusion of “YES!”. So, I started my tansu shopping.

I looked at quite a few in person, but none of them really grabbed me – they were either perfect in proportion (i.e – half trays and half drawers) but too small for my liking (as in, I’d have to fold my kimono in three, rather than two) – or just the right size, but of a colour I didn’t find attractive.

So I started looking around online. I discovered the price-range of those online were not much different to in-store prices, and I also discovered quite a few gorgeous tansu then BAMMO! THE ONE.

I found the tansu I just absolutely had to have.

– The outside measurements sounded very promising, and I asked for inside drawer/tray measurements….which turned out to be perfect for my tatoshi.

– It was the perfect balance between trays and drawers – three good depth drawers, four large trays, two smaller half trays and 3 small komono drawers.

– While I normally like darker wood, this tansu was made solely of kiri and the lighter colour was surprisingly quite appealing to me.

– The beautiful metalwork detail around the handle and the tassels.

– Oh, yeah, did I mention it is Taisho Era?

The triple bonus on top of this was that it was on sale, it has free shipping AND they do 4 months layaway plans (interest free with the ability to pay it off at any time during the four months)!

I slept on the thought for a few days, and I eventually ordered it. I have to admit, I felt a little weak at the knees at first…I’ve never invested in owning an antique piece of furniture before. If I tighten my belt a bit, I should hopefully have my tansu home long before the 4 months and in time for my birthday on the 1st of Feb!

I’m so excited. I even have dreams about putting all my kimono in it. hehehehe.  I can’t wait!

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