Organizing My Tansu

I posted a little while ago about how I purchased a tansu.

The tansu arrived about a week before my birthday, however I had been both sick and busy with work over the last couple of weeks that I hadn’t had a chance to actually store my kimono gear in it properly until today. I promised a few people I’d take photos of it in action – so here we go!


Small Komono Drawers:

Drawer one detail – Haneri and handkerchiefs
Drawer two detail – Obiage
Drawer three detail – Obijime

Dressing Gear and Awase Juban:

Drawer one detail – All my awase juban.
Drawer two detail – All my dressing gear. Everything I need is in here (obiita is on the bottom). This is really fantastic, as it is going to make being organized while dressing so much easier.

Kimono Trays:

Tray one and two detail – On the right are all my Summer kimono and juban. On the left are my wool kimono and ensembles.
Tray three and four detail – On the right are all my awase komon. On the left under the haori are all my formal kimono in tatoshi (my kurotomesode, tsukesage, furisode, iromuji). The haori are currently on top as there is no where else to put them.

Large Drawer One – Obi:

Large Drawer Two – More Obi:

Large Drawer One – Hanhaba Obi and Misc. Items:

I have my shigoki obi, fans, kanzashi, extra tabi, furoshiki, etc in here.

I ran out of room to store my kimono shawls and my shoes/bags – so they are still in my closet for now.

It was really nice to be able to organize everything so efficiently. Next on the agenda is to get more tatoshi – enough that each kimono is in one of it’s own. And um…possibly another tansu later this year seeing I filled this one up already!

P.S. Before I even put my kimono in the tansu – the tansu smelt like musty kimono! Does that mean kimono smell like tansu?

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