We’re Back!

Hi Everyone!

After a significant blogging hiatus caused by a mixture of life and also some serious database issues, I finally had time to revive the Kimono Asobi blog and commence blogging once again!

While I’ve managed to manually revive most the past blog posts, I have a number of new posts I need to make about what I’ve been up to for the last few years along with going through and re-tagging all the posts and fixing up my categories and I beg your pardon for any dust. I anticipate hopefully being all up to date within the week. You can also find Naomi no Kimono Asobi over on Facebook! I’ll be updating there regularly as well.

In other exciting news – the Immortal Geisha Forums have also been revived! While the Facebook page for Immortal Geisha is thriving, I felt the fast paced nature of the Facebook group was hindering the sharing and archiving of educational materials. After discussing it with the current moderating team, we all felt reviving the forums would be a good thing! One note though — if you were a previous member of the forums, you will need to sign up for an entirely new account as we switched servers and started from scratch again with the database.

Please also don’t forget to check out the re-designed Immortal Geisha Wiki website! My contributors and myself have been slowly, but surely going through adding more to the wiki as we have time. In particular, the motifs are filling out nicely. Next on the list will be getting information for basic kimono items filled out along with textile information.

And in the meanwhile as I am updating my blog – here’s a fantastic back-view photo of off duty geisha from a vintage book I have called Changing Japan. I absolutely love how dynamic their yukata are and how stylish their obi have been tied!

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