Work Christmas Party Outfit

It was the work Christmas party tonight. I wore my version of a “cocktail dress”.

While not as all-round polished as my last outfit – this was still a fun outfit to put together.

I was happy with how my collars sat – I’m not sure if the colour combination worked as well as I had hoped? Originally, I was thinking plain black haneri…but then I thought perhaps it would be too black for this outfit – so I used it as an accent colour – and used my embroidered purple tsuzumi haneri as the main one. I think also, while I feel the back of the obi works – the front of the obi looks a bit strange, as the image is obscured. I should have dressed using the obi in reverse so the front was plain black.

You’ll notice I’m not wearing ohashori again. This kimono is 143.5cm / 56.5 inches long (I’m roughly 164cm / 5′ 4″). I actually felt really comfortable without ohashori. Ideally, I’d prefer one – but because I love Taisho era kimono…many kimono I want are too short for ohashori.

I’m sorry the photos are not that great….we took them when we got home from the party, so I’m all winkled and tired and the lighting is really bad. Also, my cats wanted in on the photoshoot!



Back View

This is Charlie, obviously demanding to be in on the photoshoot tonight. I couldn’t tell if he was just happy to see me home, or wanted a treat *sigh*.

This is Spot. He looks like he is horrified of having his photo taken, but really, he was mooching to me. Spot also had time out in Kitty Jail this morning because he discovered my obijime, not once, but twice – after being scolded the first time round. Tsk tsk.

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