Trip to Chicago!

In the middle of November Arian and I flew to Chicago for a week for a wedding. I had no plans on wearing kimono, but everyone insisted that I do – so I had no choice.

Quite some time ago, a member of my forum posted a gorgeous ume and uguisu tsukesage. By a wonderful stroke of luck and amazing generosity of this forum member, this tsukesage came to live with me. You see, ume and uguisu holds a very special spot in my heart in relation to Arian and I. The arrival of the kimono couldn’t have been any more perfectly timed – it arrived the day before I was to fly out to Chicago! A relief, as I was frantically trying to work out what to wear, as the only proper formal kimono I had was my kuro-tomesode, which was far too formal.

I chose to wear it with my pink and yellow shibori juban, my purple tsuzumi haneri, my reversible obi, and a nice green obiage/obijime set. You can’t see it clearly in the photos as the lighting was very weird – but all these pieces matched colours in the kimono…the yellow of the juban, the tan of the obi and the green of the obiage/obijime all matched the colours of the uguisu feathers, and the purple haneri is gradiant in colour and complimented the base colour of the kimono perfectly.

Please don’t freak out about the little bouquet thing pinned on me. Everyone had to wear one for the ceremony – I made sure to pin it on very carefully and left no traces of when I took it off. *phew*

Getting my boogie on the dance floor!

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