Taisho Roman (大正ロマン編)

I’m a huge fan of Taisho Romance (大正ロマン編) style when it comes to kimono and the bulk of my collection dates from the Greater Taisho Era. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to dress purely for fun – so I experimented with a Taisho Romance style outfit I’ve been mulling for some time. While I was disappointed with my collars being sloppy, I was really quite pleased with the overall outcome.

I’ve had this kimono for quite a while, but I’ve not yet had the chance to wear it. Not only is it on the short side length wise (I have to wear it with no ohashori), it is also a little narrow – so I have to be particularly mindful when dressing. I’d been contemplating what type of obi would go best with it…and finally came to the conclusion that black based would compliment it it best. I then remembered a black obi I purchased earlier this year from Genji Antiques that had designs woven in using similar colours. When I paired the two – it was a perfect match!

To complete the outfit, I wore my yellow and red shibori juban with a black haneri, turquoise obijime and a soft blue shibori obiage. I was tempted to wear a turquoise obiage as well, but for some reason I felt the lighter one gave better balance.

You might also notice with my kimono collar the light stripes next to the haneri. I was purposely very careful with the placement of the lighter stripes while I was securing my collars to give the illusion of a dateeri. It worked out very well.

All in all, I think this might be one my favourite ensembles to date!

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