Taishō Kasane Kimono Set

A week ago I won a rather interesting kimono lot off eBay. Here are the original auction photos:2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; and 9. While some pieces are in serious need of some tender loving care (namely, the dounuki), everything was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to (carefully) dress in the kimono set as it came before I set about doing some major repairs and cleaning. I posted yesterday about the rather intriguing tsuke obi.
Please excuse the messy kitsuke, I just dressed in this quickly today for photos. Please also excuse the fact I’m in dire need of a haircut and dye!






The kimono is in excellent condition – with only a few areas that need to be mended – namely one small spot along the hem and the seams around the armhole. The dounuki, however, is very worn. While the heavier light purple silk is in excellent condition aside from some stains – the fabric used for the body part has ripped along hard creases. Also, the lining and fabric has ripped clean through around the back of the collar. Another peculiar thing is the dounuki is considerably shorter than the outer layer. I think at some point this may have been shortened. I plan on completely replacing the body fabric with some red shibori juban fabric I have, and extending the length so it is the same length as the outer layer.

Dressing in both layers was interesting, however I don’t think I can really talk/describe about it in depth yet because of the length difference. Once I fix the lengths, I’ll dress again and write about the kitsuke aspect of the two layers.

The obi went on so easy and stayed put with just the obijime tied – however with constant moving around, the obijime probably wouldn’t be enough to keep it together for long. I suspect it used to have some additional hidden ties attached to keep it in place so I’m going to investigate and add the ties once I figure it out. I may also remove the obijime, now that I’ve taken photos, so I can use others.

The haneri is original from the set, also. It has some “wearing” stains on it that I’m going to try and remove – however I think with clever positioning/sewing I managed to hide the worst of it.

Unfortunately, the zori were WAY too small for my feet =( I’m going to keep my eye out for some in similar colour, though.

I hope you like the outfit and if you’re interested, here are close up details of the set:

The lower lining of both the kimono and dounuki.
Detail of one of the spools with pine and wisteria.
Detail of one of the spools with maple leaves.
Detail of one of the spools with sakura.
Detail of one of the spools.
Detail of one of the spools with small flowers – not sure of the flower…
Detail of one of the crest.
Dounuki laid flat.
Detail of one of the left panel design.
Detail of one of the right panel design.
Detail of one of the fabric I’m considering using to replace the body.

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