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Special Taiko Event – 40th Anniversary of Taiko in the USA!

On Saturday night I attended the special reception held in honour of my taiko Sensei, Tanaka Sensei, and the anniversary of 40 years of taiko in the USA.

I was asked to wear kimono for the event, which stressed me out completely as I’ve never worn kimono to a formal Japanese event before.

In the end, after much deliberation, reading through the thread on the Immortal Geisha forums and weighing everyone’s opinion, and also talking to my friend in JapanTown, I decided on my taisho tsukesage and my tsuzumi obi with turquoise accessories and my purple haneri with embroidered tsuzumi on it. It seemed formality was the more important choice.

Well, I must have chosen right. Everyone seemed quite happy to see my outfit, and I received high praise when I was introduced to Miyomoto-sama. He noted in particular that I had a taiko on my obi!

I have to apologize for the photos being so bad – the batteries ran out in my camera – so we used Arian’s cellphone. The lighting was terrible seeing it was uh, 2:30am Sunday morning! Hopefully my friends will email me better photographs.

A photo also turned up on flickr – showing the colours.

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