Pregnant Kitsuke – 27 Weeks Pregnant!

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to sit down and do anything fun with kimono. Work, life and pregnancy have been keeping me terribly busy! Today, though, despite my horrendous allergies (I hate plant life at the moment), I finally got a chance to dress in an ensemble I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The last time I was able to dress was when I was 15 weeks pregnant – now I’m 27 weeks!

I actually found, much to my surprise, that kitsuke wasn’t any harder than normal – and I was doing it with a kimono I cannot get an ohashori out of.

The only real hurdles I had was:
1. My juban didn’t want to wrap around as much as it usually does – so I had to play with the collar a little.

2. My himo and datejime are soooo short on me now! Haha.

The things I did differently due to pregnancy:
1. I wore my kimono bra with my sarashi wrapped over the top of it. I also wrapped the sarashi down around and below my belly to help support it (it’s 10 meters long – enough to go around!). I looked like a mummy – but it was VERY comfortable! I also had to double up on the padding to fill in the gap between my bust and belly.

2. I tied all my himo directly under my bust, which, again, was very comfortable.

3. I used a biyosugata for my otaiko. I swear, a biyosugata should be every pregnant woman’s best friend!

Other than that, everything else was pretty much kitsuke as per usual!

For those curious of the yofuku vs. wafuku comparison, here is a photo of my belly today outside of kimono, and my usual weekday work garb (photo from last Friday).

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