Pregnancy Kitsuke!

I apologize for not posting for a while, but I’ve had a good reason. Now that I feel safe talking about it in public, seeing I’ve made it to the second trimester (I’m 15 weeks now!) – yes! Arian and I are expecting our first child! There’s always been a lot of talk on the Immortal Geisha forums about kitsuke during pregnancy – and now, I finally have a chance to actually put that very topic into real live action.

When I was 9 weeks – I attended a small Japanese festival to watch my taiko group perform. I decided that I would take the opportunity to do my first pregnant kitsuke…and wear my first full ro ensemble of the year!

Ro Taisho era purple lily komon.
Ro Taisho era mandarin duck juban.
Ro hakata obi.
Ro embroidered haneri.

Unfortunately none of the ro obiage and summer weave obijime I had matched with the ensemble – so I wore regular ones instead. Rather than bright bold colours like I normally choose – I decided to go for softer pinks that were in the lilies and my collar.

The very first thing I learnt was that despite not really having a baby bump at 9 weeks (bloat doesn’t count), I still discovered that nothing…NOTHING likes to be tied remotely around my waist. So everything had to be tied up right under my bust instead. Which actually turned out to be really quite comfortable – and gave that complete high waisted Taisho look!

Other than that – I had no other issues or discomfort wearing kimono. I’m sure that will change as I face the changing shape of my body. I’m starting to show a small bump now, so it should be interesting navigating around it.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the photos. I think this may be one of my all-time favourite ensembles!

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