A Rose By Any Other Name Is…FUGLY!

At Cherry Blossom Festival a few weeks ago, Genji had a large number of sale racks with kimono for $20. Arian pulled out this awesome black and white swirly kimono and we instantly went “oooh!!!”…..until we both saw the roses and went “Urgh!”

I still felt the kimono had potential though – the black swirls were just too irresistible, regardless of the fugly roses. I decided on the spot it would be my challenge kimono and I was going to conquer it!

Tonight, our workmate’s brother-in-law was celebrating his 1 year anniversary of his sake lounge and Arian and I were invited. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to break out the FUGLY.

I felt the kimono had a rather contemporary feel to it, so I decided to wear boots, dangly earrings and adjust my collar to be a bit more risqué. The sake lounge, after all, was a contemporary setting, rather than traditional. I also wore my hot pink and yellow juban. The yellow actually went well with the gold of the FUG, er, I mean roses – so I figured it was win-win.

I completely and utterly fought against using turquoise accessories with this outfit as I wanted to try something different (you know me – turquoise or pink…boring!). I know turquoise would have looked great and would have been a natural choice based on the colours in the obi – but I wanted to try to tie the purple in the roses…so I chose lavender accessories instead.

And in the end – I tied the entire outfit together with a mofuku purse! HA! Take that, conventions!

Behold! The Fug!

Here’s a close up of one of the glorious roses adorning the outfit. Thank goodness there’s only two of them:

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