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2012 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival – Saturday Evening

Saturday evening, Arian and I had an extremely rare “date night”! With both our families either in other states or in my case, Australia, we don’t very often have toddler free time. Arian’s good friend, Katie, came by the hotel room to spend the evening with Lily so we could go out to enjoy the evening and to have dinner.

I had undressed from my morning ensemble for Lily’s nap time, so for the evening, I decided on a slightly more casual ensemble and decided to use it as an opportunity to challenge myself. I’ve had this fantastic tsuzumi meisen for many years, but it’s a colour I generally find I can’t wear – a warm olive-golden colour. In order to be able to successfully wear it, I needed to pair it with some cool tones directly against my skin – and luckily I remembered I had a han’eri in a gorgeous deep turquoise colour with sakura embroidered with similar colours to the kimono itself. I felt that a hakata obi would be best to wear so not to detract from the tsuzumi, and paired it with matching coloured obi-age and obi-jime. With the obi-jime, while both colours went ok…individually, they seemed to be lacking some “pop”. After twisting them together – it was perfect! I re-did my hair in a similar style to the morning, but used a different kushi and I was very happy that despite being rather heavy, it stayed put for the entire evening.

Overall, despite being such a challenging colour, I was really quite pleased with how well the ensemble ended up coming together – and happy to finally give this kimono some much needed wearing! Please click on the photos below to see larger versions.

Arian and I did have a lovely evening out, and it turns out that Lily didn’t really miss us all too much as she was having tons of fun with Katie, although, when we returned we were greeted with massive hugs!

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