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2011 Northern California San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival – Sunday

Sunday was the last day for us in the city. I had spent all week tossing and turning over what to wear. I really wanted to wear my strange komon / iro tomesode hybrid kimono with feathers and my parrot obi together, but I was at a bit of a loss with accessories. I was originally just going to do classic red, then I thought about lavender.

But then, inspiration hit me — my diaper bag!

Before you go “EW! WHAT?!?” – please allow me to explain. The bag I’m currently using as a diaper bag is this awesome lime green zebra print with a purple parrot. The parrots on my obi were purple. My kimono was purple – so that meant only one thing…LIME GREEN!

I busted out my lime green faux shibori haneri, shibori obiage and obijime. I also managed to find some fantastic roses with feathers attached in exactly the same colour for my hair.

The obi was a surprise birthday gift from my dear, darling friend Diane – so I really wanted to make sure I created a great ensemble with it.

Behold, my parrot ensemble!

We were trying to take a photo to show how my diaper bag inspired my ensemble – but Lily was UNIMPRESSED by the fact that Arian had to take her off his shoulders for the photo. It was PURE TRAGEDY!

And – last but not least….Lily Kitsuke!

Lily with Sprocket

Taiko baby!

I also had the great fortune of seeing Yoko-san, a lovely kitsuke teacher I met a at the 2009 festival. I look forward to seeing her again at the kimono days!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and I look forward to next year!

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