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2011 Northern California San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival – Saturday Afternoon

After Lily’s nap on Saturday afternoon, I decided to dress in kimono again. Knowing we were going to head out to dinner, I decided to wear a wool ensemble. Baby + food = mess. Wool, at least, is washable in my washing machine!

I figured I’d bust out my ship obi for this ensemble, along with my pink faux shibori haneri as I had been wanting to wear both for a while now. I’m quite happy with how the ensemble turned out overall – it was casual, but fun.

Before we started walking around, Arian wanted to take me to meet someone. Saturday morning I had a little get-together with two lovely ladies from the Immortal Geisha forums. While I was meeting them, Arian and Lily went out to watch the taiko performance. while they were watching, some ladies who were with the tea ceremony group came up to Arian and Lily – complimenting Arian on Lily being in furisode. Arian and the ladies started talking, with Arian mentioning that “his wife” ran a kimono website and blog. The ladies asked “What’s her name?” and upon hearing “Naomi Graham”, they exclaimed “Oh I know her blog, she is famous!”

When Arian told me about his conversation, I think I blushed ten shades of red! I enjoy writing my blog, however, I am self taught and my kitsuke is sub-par and it never occurred to me that many people read it. I was very flattered, however, and determined to try harder with my kitsuke.

So with that said, we headed over to where they were holding the tea ceremony demonstrations and I got to meet Julia, one of the ladies Arian was talking with. We had a brief, but lovely conversation and we took a photo together. Julia-san, if you are reading this – it was an absolute pleasure to meet you! I hope that we can meet again in the future.

We took these photos after walking around for the afternoon – so by this point, my hair was an absolute flyaway mess!

Off for dinner!

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