Photo Shoot Preparation…


Photo shoot today!

*sweats it*

I managed to put together a very nice outfit using bits and pieces I would not normally have thought of doing. So I have two outfits – my beloved indigo hanabishi komon with the orange juban, white han-eri and the red hakata obi and my new outfit put together with suggestions from a friend – a deep dusty pink iromuji with my taisho era reversible obi on the gold/brown side, my taisho obi-age, a dark green han-eri with gold/cream and green flowers embroidered on it and blue and white pink obi-jime.
Right now – I am washing/bleaching my whites (gotta have sparkling white tabi!) and sewing my han-eri onto both juban. Then, I’m gonna try on my pink outfit and try tying a tunodasi musubi with my new obi…I’ve always loved how that obi style looked. Then after that – I’m gonna pack everything early this morning so I don’t have to stress anymore.

After the photoshoot today – I can finally relax….


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