White Christmas!

Oh my gosh, everyone! It SNOWED FOR CHRISTMAS!

To understand my excitement, you have to realize that I am originally from Brisbane, Australia and Christmas is smack bang in the middle of Summer back home. If it snowed during Christmas in Australia it would be a sure sign the Apocalypse is coming. Instead of Santa walking through snow to deliver gifts, we have Santa surfing in the ocean wearing budgie smugglers coming ashore to deliver gifts. 😂 I’d be surprised if there wasn’t an Aussie who longed for a white Christmas while dripping in sweat, too hot to open gifts or indulge in delicious foods.

ANYHOW! In the many years I have lived in the USA I have longed for a white Christmas, but neither Miami or San Francisco were willing to oblige. But now that I have moved….OMG! SNOOOOOW!!!

So of course I had to dress in this utterly lovely kimono my husband gifted me and get outside for photos!

I adore this kimono!  It is a thick cotton, and looking at the inside of the kimono, it appears it was home made, using yofuku fabric.  What’s unusual about it is that it actually has rather long sleeves, rather than the standard 49cm sleeves. Based on the sleeve length, interior construction, and being machine sewn, but with zig zag stitching protecting raw edges, I feel strongly it is likely immediately post war, from the 1950s.  With that said though, this pattern and colour is a timeless classic!

I decided to pair the komon with this gorgeous ship haori I’ve had for years, but have never had the opportunity to wear, and if you look carefully – you’ll see I have chidori on my obi! Chidori in Winter?!?! I hear some ask? Well actually – did you know that chidori is traditionally a WINTER motif? It’s popular in Summer to evoke the coolness of Winter. You determine which season your chidori wafuku should be worn in by the weight and weave of the fabric. This obi is exceptionally thick and heavy – you definitely don’t want to wear it in Summer.

For those who celebrate Christmas – Merry Christmas!  For those who don’t, I hope your day was fantastic <3







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