Union Square Ensemble

Today Arian and I went into Union Square, San Francisco to help with flyering for the San Francisco Taiko Dojo concert coming up later this month.

I decided to use the oportunity to wear kimono. For a while, I’ve been pondering what my favourite purple komon would look like with my reversible Taisho obi…I took a gamble in putting together an outfit and it paid off quite well:

Tanaka Sensei and I.

Afterwards, we went into Genji. It was the first time I had been to Genji wearing kimono, and I was a little nervous, however I soon realized there was no need to be. The owner appeared to be rather surprised, yet somewhat impressed that I dressed myself. She seemed particularly interested in the obi (chuya obi do seem to be a rarity these days). She said the only thing she would suggest would have been a stronger colour obijime – that I should have worn it on the green side, rather than the pink and green as it would have contrasted more against the obi.  She was absolutely right.

Of course, it took all my sheer willpower not to walk out purchasing half the store!

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