Taishō Chic

“This morning I dressed up in my indigo kimono I purchased early October. I fell lin love with this kimono because the indigo was just so vibrant and the pink and turquoise hanabishi pattern completely won me over.

I decided to pair the kimono with my raspberry red hakata obi (the first photograph gives the true colours). I also tied one of the new PuchiMaiko koshi-himo around the bottom part of the obi as an accessory to see what it would look like.

I wore my orange juban because my other juban are currently being converted to two piece juban sets. I have to admit – I was surprised with how nice the orange went with the outfit! It was quite unexpected.

Last, but not least – I decided to do my hair in a Taisho-chic style. I often see similar hairstyles in shin hanga prints – and I love how it looks.

Also, please do pardon how sloppy my kitsuke is…I’m still learning and in dire need of more practice!

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