Summer Chic

“I haven’t had a chance to practice kitsuke for nearly 3 months for various reasons and I’m all sad. I needed to take some photographs for PuchiMaiko so I figured I’d use that as an excuse to dress up. Unfortunately I discovered today that – I am woefully out of kitsuke shape. I need to practice dressing much more frequently.I decided to wear my gorgeous shimmery blue hitoe with my Taisho era chidori obi. The obi-age and obi-jime are a lovely fuchsia colour…and the kanzashi was made by myself. I’m also wearing a pink juban. I also dressed with my obi crossed on angles at the front more like geisha obi – and I tied my obi-jime on an angle as well, like I see in a lot of vintage geisha postcards.

I have to say I’m really becoming a big fan of iromuji…I love patterned kimono – but there is just something simple and elegant about iromuji that allows you to dress formally…or to have fun.

Sorry about the bad photos – and the camera in each of them. I only have myself to take photographs. Please also pardon the bad kitsuke!

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