Pregnant Kitsuke – 30 Weeks Pregnant!

At 27 weeks, I went for nice, sweet and subdued….

For 30 weeks, I went for LOUD and OBNOXIOUS. Please meet my pink and turquoise tachibana meisen kimono and my obnoxious purple and yellow shibori haori.

I’m really excited about this kimono. I don’t have many Taisho meisen pieces, but the ones I do have are really quite bold and distinct.  This particular kimono is also unusually long and wide for being Taisho meisen. My husband, Arian, fought valiantly for this kimono on eBay, so I figured I should probably wear it for him today!

I do have to admit, the ensemble ended up being louder than originally intended (if you can believe that). The weather was very cool and we were going to be outside in the cold for a few hours for a taiko event, so I really needed to wear a haori. This was the only haori I had that remotely went with the ensemble. My preference would have been a nice blue haori in similar tones….alas….I do not currently have one in my collection.

As per usual, I found pregnant kitsuke to be pretty easy….the only real challenge is….finding Taisho kimono in my collection that actually wrap around my belly these days!

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