Photo Shoot for CityLink Magazine

Well….. that was awfully embarrassing, striking poses in front of people I don’t know, the camera constantly flashing and everyone racing into the studio to check me out.

I had to dress myself and I feel my kitsuke is sub-par – I felt really rushed and as a result I did a bad job and had wrinkles everywhere. I am happy with the obi though – I tried tying a new musubi (tsunodashi) this morning because I really didn’t want to wear otaiko musubi. While it isn’t perfect – I was happy with it.

Anyhow – these are not the studio photos – just grumpy frowny photos that my friend Malia took after the photo shoot. I was assured that all the photo shoot photos turned out fantastic. I hope so – because I felt like a real dork up there! I was so so so shy.

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