OBon Festival #1, 2017

During early Summer, I discovered the local Buddhist temple hosted Bon Odori dance lessons which was open to the public.  One of my passions is various forms of Japanese dance and while I did a very brief moment of it when I lived in Florida around 14 years ago, I’ve just never had the opportunity to look into it further until recently.

I attended the weekly lessons and it was a lot of fun!  There were many dances to learn and commit to memory before OBon, but I tried my best.

Lucky for me, Catherine (of Ai no Kimono) was still here for OBon Festival so I had a festival buddy!  Despite the sweltering heat, we dressed in in our Summer’s best and off we went!

I wore my antique ro lily komon with a lovely summer weave hakata obi and Catherine wore a KimonoMatchi hitoe kimono loaned to her by our friend Tamara,

I don’t think we got a chance to get full length ensemble shots – but we did get a few selfies!

On our way to the festival!

At the festival!

I will say, the heat was seriously oppressive!  It was one of the hottest days of the year, and after barely 30 minutes of dancing, I went from lovely winged eyeliner to looking like I belonged in a death metal band!  Thankfully I was able to fix my make-up, but lesson learnt for next year!

Since we are both new to kimono events in this town, we had the opportunity to meet and converse briefly with the lovely ladies of the local kimono community, including Michelle and Amanda. After the dancing was done for the day, we treated ourselves to a very well earnt root beer shaved ice!

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