Japanese “Style” Dance

Last night I performed a Japanese style dance at a resturant. I was still quite nervous about performing, but I was much more confident – and did a better job.

I don’t really have a large selection of kimono at the moment, so this time round while I’m not fond of it, I wore my gray/orange kimono that has patterns of kiku, ume, take, matsu and some others – it has longer sleeves than my other kimono – so it was much more visually appealing in the dance. I made a make-shift obiage out of a light/dark purple silk fabric I have, but I really should have made it out of green, I think it would have contrasted nicer against the outfit. I had to wear my same red-white obi-jime as well… I don’t have any others! I think when I make my green obi-age, I’ll make a matching obi-jime.

This time round – I was able to tie my obi myself – rather than having to resort to using a two piece obi. I finally taught myself how to tie my obi at the front – it makes it SO much easier! I didn’t do the best job – but, it held up good…so I think I’m on the right track!

Anyhow – photos!

The back of my hairstyle:

Dance photos! (pardon how grainy/blurry/dark they are – it was hard to take a good photo in that light)
The song I dance to is called “autumn sorrow” – so I made up a dance with the storyline of a young girl falling for a guy while viewing maple leaves…she tries to keep him…but in the end he spurns her. Hence the happy smile at the beginning…and the sadder face towards the end.

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