Atlanta JapanFest 2006 – Day 2

“Sunday we were at JapanFest again. This time, I decided to go crazy with my kimono and wore a fantastic purple kimono Kate had given me, with a black and white striped obi and my fuchsia obi age and obijime.

Kate tied my obi for me and tied bright green netting into the bow – I also teased my hair into a high side ponytail and wore green netting tied into a bow in my hair. I finished the outfit off with bright turquoise tabi (mainly because white tabi would have just gotten dirty). A very Kimono Hime style outfit. I was literally stopped every few steps I took to have my photograph taken and my outfit was highly complemented on by an elderly Japanese woman, who immediately after the compliment whacked my arm, pointed to my tabi and said “”But you should be wearing white tabi!”” Eep!

. Kate wore her beautiful dark red ro kimono and haori. – very understated but gorgeous. The second day was a touch slower than the first – but we still had a lot of fun.

The back of my ensemble showing how Kate tied the netting into my obi:

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