Atlanta Japanfest 2006 – Day 1

Friday, my friends and I all headed to Atlanta in the afternoon to prepare for Japan Fest, as one of my friends had her store, Hana-Machi there. Saturday we raced off early to Stone Mountain Park to set up the store. My friends were going to dress as geiko and maiko for the day – so I raced back to the hotel to change into my kimono (a nice turquoise and black striped ro kimono I borrowed with my ro chidori obi and fuchsia pink obi-age and obi-jime). I made it back to the store while my friends returned to the hotel to start geiko-fying themselves.

Manning the shop was quite an interesting experience as I spent a LOT of time dressing people in kimono and explain the process, and why they had to do certain things a certain way. I’m normally exceptionally shy when I don’t know someone – but for some reason I found it quite easy to talk to these strangers. Much later in the day my friends arrived looking fantastic as geiko and maiko – of course, they instantly drew a huge crowd. As the day drew to a close – we went back to the hotel to chill for a little while so they could get themselves out of geiko kimono and into regular kimono for dinner. There is something to be said for a bunch of girls and a guy who are not shy to sit around in their kimono undies drinking wine together. Once changed – we headed off to a lovely Japanese restaurant. We waited forever before we were seated – which gave me the opportunity to play the Japanese version of rock, paper, scissors while waiting. We ended up with rather red hands. Despite the wait….it ended up being worth it for the food served – it was just delicious. Great Japanese food and beer never goes astray.

All dressed up for dinner. The photo was foggy due to the humidity.

Posing before dinner!

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