All Shogied Out

Today I dressed in kimono and went to the city with Arian. We met up with Tanaka Sensei at the airport and greeted a news crew from NHK that just arrived from Japan. They were in San Francisco to cover a shogi tournament here. After we escorted them to their shuttle, we had lunch with Sensei and other taiko dojo people.

After lunch, we made our way over to where Sensei plays shogi and I got thrown in to learn how to play shogi with all the other unsuspecting taiko dojo people…which also resulted in me being interviewed by NHK about my first time playing shogi, wearing kimono and making kanzashi. I think the funniest part about this was when they filmed me moving a shogi tile on the board. We filmed many takes to make sure it was perfect.

On the bright side – shogi is quite an interesting game. I enjoy playing chess – and shogi, while similar to chess, is far more complex. I loved the challenge.

I didn’t really get a good photograph of my outfit – just a quick, rather unimpressed and unflattering looking photo before we left home. I had to get up very early in order to dress in time and make it to the airport – I’m sure my scowl clearly reflects that!

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