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Just Married!

Arian and I recently got married at Hakone Gardens. It was a very private, beautiful ceremony…and of course…I wore kimono!

Special Taiko Event – 40th Anniversary of Taiko in the USA!

On Saturday night I attended the special reception held in honour of my taiko Sensei, Tanaka Sensei, and the anniversary of 40 years of taiko in the USA. I was asked to wear kimono for the event, which stressed me out completely as I’ve never worn kimono to a formal Japanese event before. In the…

2008 Cherry Blossom Festival – Taisho!

Last year I went nice and subdued for Cherry Blossom Festival. Well, this year I didn’t! I decided to re-vamp my Taisho ensemble with some new pieces. Namely the gorgeous tsuzumi obi, red accessories and zori. My batteries were unknowingly flat in my camera, so I’ve had to rely on other people’s photos: It was…

A Rose By Any Other Name Is…FUGLY!

At Cherry Blossom Festival a few weeks ago, Genji had a large number of sale racks with kimono for $20. Arian pulled out this awesome black and white swirly kimono and we instantly went “oooh!!!”…..until we both saw the roses and went “Urgh!” I still felt the kimono had potential though – the black swirls…

Edo Kitsuke

I’ve been watching a lot of Zatoichi lately, and I have to say the outfits of the various females have left me quite stunned. Ah…Edo kitsuke looks so comfortable and relaxed. I had to give it a go myself. Not particularly the best kitsuke…but it was fun and boy, did it feel extremely comfortable to…

Goodness Gracious Pink!

Last weekend I received an absolutely lovely gift from the performing group girls at taiko as a thank-you for helping them out with some sewing backstage last year. It was quite unexpected and really sweet of them…especially considering I just did what any other dojo member should have done, had they known how to sew….

Taishō Kasane Kimono Set

A week ago I won a rather interesting kimono lot off eBay. Here are the original auction photos:2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8; and 9. While some pieces are in serious need of some tender loving care (namely, the dounuki), everything was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to (carefully) dress in the kimono set as…

Iki, Modernity and Shibui

I won an auction for a book a few months ago, “Women of Japan” by Keiichi Takasawa, published in 1955. While the book borders on being sexist to a degree based on modern day beliefs, it had some very enlightening articles about various aspects of kimono. The one I chose to share with you all…

Work Christmas Party Outfit

It was the work Christmas party tonight. I wore my version of a “cocktail dress”. While not as all-round polished as my last outfit – this was still a fun outfit to put together. I was happy with how my collars sat – I’m not sure if the colour combination worked as well as I…

Taisho Roman (大正ロマン編)

I’m a huge fan of Taisho Romance (大正ロマン編) style when it comes to kimono and the bulk of my collection dates from the Greater Taisho Era. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to dress purely for fun – so I experimented with a Taisho Romance style outfit I’ve been mulling for some time….