Tenugui Hadajuban

This Christmas I’ve been laid up in bed with the flu so I’ve been browsing around various kitsuke blogs to amuse myself.

This morning, I stumbled upon how to repurpose a tenugui for sleeves and collar of a hadajuban (from the now defunct Kimono-Jin blog).

I dragged myself out of bed, found my favourite tenugui and grabbed my existing white hadajuban. I worked out for the tenugui I needed to cut about a two inch piece off the full length of the tenugui for the collar, and the left over fabric, cut in half, made the sleeves. As for the body of the hadajuban – I went with rough measurements taken from my existing one and used some white cotton I had laying around.

Oh – I can’t stress the importance of washing the tenugui before you do this. It IS going to shrink – and the colours may run – so you want to get all that dealt with before sewing it to white fabric! (Don’t forget to pre-wash your cotton, also!)

While it is not as good as the example (I think some of the proportions are wrong) – I think the end result looks kinda cute. I’m sorry for the bad photographs – lighting is horrible at night here:

The tenugui in question and Charlie:

The finished hadajuban:

Close up of the sleeve:

Front view:

Back view:

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